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Ahoy maties!

After zombies comes pirates, with today’s story featuring the first (but certainly not the last) appearance of pirates in my story ideas.

As always, if the following story idea inspires you to write one of your own or if you decide to take my idea further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “The Candle and The Flame”:

The Candle and The Flame tells the story of a young deckhand, Oliver Meady, who is serving as a slave aboard the Scarlet Candle and who bears a large burn on his back. Whilst raiding a large port, he meets a young girl, Arietta Silvoon, who is enamored by the pirate life and wants to run away from her boring life. Oliver agrees to help her stow away on board and they leave the port in flames. Together, they visit several islands and grow closer, whilst Oliver attempts to hide the girl’s true identity (Oliver has her dress up as a boy and pretend to be a new deckhand) from the captain’s mutinous second in command, Black John.

However, their happy travels are interrupted when the crew discover that the girl’s father is an admiral in the Queen’s navy and that he is in pursuit of the crew in his legendary ship, The Royal Flame. Black John uses this fact to place the blame on the captain, Henry “Graybeard” Mulligan, who had been raising Oliver as his own and had defended him on multiple occasions (Henry found Oliver during a botched raid on a town). The mutiny succeeds and Graybeard is exiled, while Black John decides to ransom Arietta to her father, intending to trap him and take The Royal Flame as his own while killing both father and daughter.

Oliver, exiled with Graybeard, manages to escape and make his way to the meeting point. In a display of courage and ingenuity, he is able to free Arietta and rally the crew to his side, defeating Black John and saving Arietta’s father.

In the aftermath, her father takes Black John into custody (Oliver negotiates for the other crew members to go free) and reveals that he knows who Oliver is. He tells Oliver that he had been a family friend of Oliver’s father who had been a respected merchant.  He offers to adopt Oliver and take him back to his town, however Oliver refuses, opting instead becoming the Scarlet Candle’s new captain (which is approved of by the crew). Graybeard, feeling that the ship and his crew are in good hands, decides to retire on a nearby island after apologizing for his actions (he reveals that the raid which had claimed Oliver’s family had been botched by Black John’s incompetence).

In the epilogue, Oliver sails off into the sunset, promising to return and marry Arietta once he has become a successful pirate.

Thanks for listening!

The next story idea, “If These Bones Could Speak” is a murder mystery, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!