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Oh bugger…


Sure, let’s cross the crumbling sky bridge that is barely holding together and is perched precariously over the abyss… What could go wrong?

A lot, as it turns out.

The Bridge to Heaven, as its name suggests, is a gateway to the afterlife. Barsch, unfortunately, comes very close to confirming this as he makes his way across. While Alza and Kingston cross without incident, Barsch’s journey is a little more eventful.  As Barsch’s luck runs out and he begins the descent that will last for the rest of his life, his guardian angel appears.

Maloch, the newest addition to the group, once again proves his worth with a last minute intervention. This is not Barsch’s first brush with death, and it will most certainly not be his last. Additionally, his experience on the sky bridge will forever alter his impression of the chasm spanning structures, but that will only become apparent with time.

For now, Barsch is safe. In the middle of a ruined city. That is scheduled for destruction.

So, ‘safe’, in this instance, is relative.

From a personal viewpoint, this was one of my favourite scenes to write. Between the pulse pounding crossing, the easily imagined environment and the surprise revelation at the end, The Bridge to Heaven is one of my best scenes. Additionally, this scene helps to showcase Maloch’s bravery and usefulness, and sets the tone for his character. In time, he selflessness nature and desire to help those around him will become a vital resource for Barsch, Alza and Kingston.

Our next scene, “Rapid Descent”, will deal with our heroes escape from the hospital. Let’s just say that it won’t be done in the traditional manner…

I thank you for listening, and hope that you are looking forward to my next post.

And remember, even if you are crossing the abyss, Never Lose Your Stride!