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Did You Know that the plural of re-mech was originally re-mecha?

I know, I know, that is hardly groundbreaking news, but it became a substantial issue for me when it was time to begin editing Awakening.

Due to the book being written over such a long period of time, I had pluralized “re-mech” in a bunch of different ways without a set standard or rule. This resulted in a few confusing scenes and poor literary clarity. 

In some places, I had used re-mechs, in others, re-mecha and I had even used a bizzare combination, re-mechas, in several sections. Even the base word “re-mech” became “re-mecha” (singular) in some places. Was re-mecha both a singular and plural word (like the word “Sheep” or “Moose”)? In short, it was a confusing mess.

And so, I decided on a set form (re-mech is singular, re-mechs is plural) and judiciously went through the book editing aplenty.

This doubles as a writing tip, so remember, if you are using your own terminology or fictitious words, decide on a set form and follow it throughout your book. It will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Thanks for listening! The next Did You Know will focus on religious references, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride(s)!