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With over 700 story ideas, I was bound to create a story about zombies sooner or later. Luckily for you, it turned out to be the former.

Unusually, today’s story is told from the perspective of a zombie, a literary trick that is sadly underutilized in modern media. 

But I digress. As always, if this zombie filled tale inspires you to write (about zombies or anything else) or if you decide to take this story further (and tell Samuel’s story to the world), all I ask for is a small acknowledgement.

And so, without further ado, here is “The Life, Death and Undeath of Samuel Biron”:

The Life, Death and Undeath of Samuel Biron tells the story of a broke, middle-aged, gambler, Samuel Biron, who lives in Las Vegas and who has recently been fired from his job as a weatherman after he had a fit of rage while on air (he had just been told that he was to be replaced by a young, attractive woman). 

After a bout of heavy drinking, he tries to break into his old news station and sabotage the equipment so that his replacement would be unable to work. Unfortunately, while scaling the security fence he is electrocuted (the fence’s faulty wiring had created a dangerously high electric current) and dies cursing his life. 

However, instead of going to the afterlife, he awakens as a zombie, and soon discovers that all over the city others have done the same (later revealed to be due to an untested vaccine accidentally sprayed on a casino buffet).

He soon discovers that his new life is much better than his old one and proceeds to enjoy himself, living as a zombie without worrying about the rest of the world. As the number of zombies increase he discovers that his ex-girlfriend, Audrey Adaire, and her son, Sam, are trapped in his favorite casino, The Bokor Buffet & Casino (she had been searching for him to tell him that the child was actually his). 

Convincing several of his friends (also zombies) to help him, he sets out to rescue her. On the way he encounters a zealous businessman, Dom Petro, who has been telling all the zombies to attack humans and act like traditional zombies (it is later revealed that he is actually still alive, and he has grown to like having power over others and was using the zombies to destroy his business rivals). 

Chased by Dom’s zombies, Samuel arrives at the casino and helps Audrey and Sam escape (he is initially shocked to learn of Sam’s parentage, but soon accepts the child as his own and decides to use his Undeath as a chance to start again with the boy). 

Leaving the casino, Samuel discovers that the military is planning on wiping out the city after witnessing the destructive acts of the zombies (caused by Dom’s words). With time running out, Samuel faces down Dom and defeats him, before using his news station’s broadcast to simultaneously convince all of the zombies that they don’t need to act violently.

Minutes before the city is to be destroyed, Samuel and the united zombies are able to show the military that they are peaceful via a march down the Strip and the strike is aborted. 

The government decides to give citizenship to the zombies and allow them to remain in the city. In the epilogue, Samuel marries Audrey and and starts up his own zombie news station, ZNN. They live in peace as the city becomes a haven for zombies and humans alike. In the end, Samuel muses that although his life wasn’t great, he intends to live his death to the fullest.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “The Candle and the Flame”. After Zombies we have Pirates! It’s the only logical follow-up! Look forward to it!

And remember, even if you become a Zombie, Never Lose Your Stride!