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A kind young man. A mysterious young woman. A secretive hermit.

And now, a broken re-mech.

Our group is complete. May the world tremble at their passing. 

The meeting with Maloch is much more energized than Barsch’s meeting with Alza or Kingston. Between the re-mechs dire warning, Kingston’s medical malady, and Alza’s emotionless attack, it is not a situation for making new friends.

However, thanks to Maloch’s “memory loss” and Barsch’s timely intervention, the group gains a new (and very useful) member. 

I wanted to convey Maloch’s inherently non-violent nature through his words and actions, and emphasize that his reactions to Alza’s attack are fear and confusion (as opposed to anger or pain). He is not Erebus, and thus does not suffer the same fate as his kin.

Additionally, I wanted to showcase Barsch’s heroism and quick thinking with his interactions with Kingston. In a manner reminiscent of their time on the mountain and the plains, Barsch stubbornly refuses to let Kingston die. In time, we will see that this stubbornness will cost Barsch greatly, but that is a scene for another time.

By the scene’s end, the group has arrived at the hospital and are ready to brave the crumbling building to acquire the key to Kingston’s salvation. Our next scene, “The Bridge to Heaven” will detail their first obstacle within the hospital. Look forward to it, and thank you for listening!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!