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Enter if you dare…

Almost every story that I have ever conceptualized has come from one of two places.

One) From a purposeful, conscious decision to come up with a new story

Two) From a moment of pure inspiration

Understandably, the stories that arise from these two different methods are quite different in structure, focus and depth.

Stories that are created purposefully generally start with either a title (which is often random) or a concept (which is often based on something in my environment).

Example: I come up with the random title “Mexicans in Space” and then come up with a story that matches that title. Very rarely will I change the original title to match the story.

Example 2: I see an article about Mexico and later watch a video about space. I think about Mexicans being in space and create a story from that concept, with a title coming in after the story is completed.
For option two, I can’t plan when and where inspiration will strike. I have been inspired while flying on a plane, driving in a car and walking on a beach. This type of story is more unique and feels “better” than those I try and force into existence. 

Example: I am walking around at night and look up at the stars. Suddenly an idea hits me, what if Mexicans went into space and built a wall surrounding Earth to keep everyone else from leaving the planet. In this case a title might only appear much later, as I try and think of a word or phrase that corresponds with my idea.

And there you have it, another small glimpse into my Weird and Wonderful mind. Thank you for listening!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!