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People are the lifeblood of a city. Without them, the city will wither and die.

Welcome to Carçus, I hope you enjoy your stay. If you can ignore the murderous re-mechs, crumbling buildings and imminent detonation, I’m sure you will have a wonderful time.

In this scene -after surviving the Hypercane- our unlucky heroes find themselves in a city that is scheduled to be destroyed.

(Talk about out of the Hypercane and into the doomed city…)

Travelling through the city, Barsch and Alza receive a history lesson and we learn more about the time before humanity was frozen. Making their way through the broken streets and decrepit buildings, they slowly draw near to their destination: the hospital. Within it, there is a chance for Kingston to be saved… All that stands in the group’s way is a single re-mech…

What could go wrong?

I have always seen Carçus City as the end of the first leg of Barsch’s journey. It completes the group, provides an action packed ending to Part One and it sets the stage for Part Two: Journey.

Additionally, it allows our protagonists a chance to see a remnant of the old world, and see first hand the devastation that the South Wars wrought. As opposed to a decaying forest or abandoned medical station, a dead city conveys a much stronger image of a world bereft of humanity. 

There will be many more signs of the apocalyptically events that predate Awakening, but for me Carçus will always be one of the most pivotal and eventful.

Thanks for listening! The next scene is “The Fourth”, in which he meet the last member of our unlucky group. Look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride…even if the world is crumbling around you…