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Phew! 17 story ideas down, hundreds to go! 

Today’s story is about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. As previously mentioned, I try to vary the genres and types of stories that I write. 

As always, if this story idea inspires you to write or if you decide to take my idea further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

(Something along the lines of “This book was inspired by the great Hayden Pearton, long may he reign! May I offer up my firstborn son/daughter in his glorious name” etcetera etcetera…)

Anyway, without further ado, here is “The Day of the End”:

The Day of the End tells the story of William, an intern reporter for a prestigious newspaper in Tromsø, Norway. While investigating the contents of a newly discovered cave, he accidentally awakens a trapped horseman of the apocalypse, Null, who was subdued by the other horsemen after he tried to end the world prematurely. Leaving a dumbstruck William, Null attempts to continue his plan of world destruction. 

As Null needs 3 days to regain his full strength, he heads to the safety of the North Pole to recover. 

While pondering what to do, an old man, Magnus, suddenly appears and tells William to seek out the other horsemen, who have been living amongst humans for millennia. If he can gather them and convince them to help, they may be able to stop Null. 

In an effort to stop William, Null sends the Nothingness, a semi-sentient entity which brings chaos and disorder. 

Escaping from the Nothingness, William travels to Mozambique to find Famine (who is masquerading as a teenage man tending to his father’s farm). After convincing him, they head to new Zealand, to find War (a female cop). Finally, they head to China to find Pestilence (the female CEO of a pharmaceutical company). They manage to convince her but none of the horsemen know the location of Death. 

With time almost up, they head back to Norway in a desperate attempt to defeat Null. However, when they arrive, they are ambushed by the Nothingness, but are saved by Magnus, who receives a fatal wound. He reveals himself to be Death (he was working as a grave-digger). 

He judges William worthy and passes on his powers to him. However, at that point Null awakens completely and starts to destroy the world (his actions are blamed on a erupting Norwegian volcano at first). Summoning his steed, Red, William and the other horsemen ride out and after a fierce battle, are able to destroy Null (using the volcano) once and for all. 

After the battle, the others pay their respects and depart, before cryptically stating that William’s life is about to become a lot more interesting. William returns to the news office, intent on publishing the story, but discards it at the last moment, deciding that some things are better left unknown…

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “The Life, Death and Undeath of Samuel Biron”. Look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!