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(PLEASE NOTE: I realize that the science behind the universe’s birth is a lot more complex than I give it credit for, and that the Big Bang is not an explosion in the conventional sense, but I still find the theoretical implications interesting)

The Big Bang. An explosion orders of magnitude greater than the greatest explosions found on Earth (whether manmade or natural). And in certain theories (where dark matter is driving an ever expanding universe), the Big Bang is still happening.

Personally, I always found this concept astoundingly interesting. If the universe is still expanding, then the explosion that created the universe is still happening. The formation of the first stars, of our solar system, of us, all happening inside the largest and longest explosion ever known. An explosion happening on a timescale beyond human understanding. Every second that passes, our universe expands. 

Try and picture it in your mind. Imagine a firework exploding in the sky. Now press Slow-mo on your universal remote. Zoom in on a tiny spark emanating from that fiery bang. That spark is us. It’s our solar system, or Galaxy, our local galactic neighborhood, our supercluster. An explosion, a violent, fiery event that has somehow resulted in everything that we know. Order, out of chaos. Life, out of destruction. Beauty, out of violence.

Our universe is a place full of incredible beauty, and yet, like the firework, it will one day fade from existence. So for now, while this universal explosion is still going strong, I plan to live my life without losing my stride.

I hope that you can do the same.

Thank you for listening.