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Let there be Light


Did You Know that the Cryogenic Stations were named after the Books in the Bible?

When I was first laying down the framework for Awakening, I spent some time searching for a name for the Cryogenic Station that Barsch was frozen in. After a while, the idea of using the word “Genesis” came to me. Genesis Station 13 is the first location in the book, it is where the story starts and it is symbolically where humanity would first encounter their new, reborn world.

Later, I found myself needing another Station’s name. Instead of re-using “Genesis” (e.g. Genesis Station 52) I chose to use “Revelation”. From this point, I felt that it would be interesting to have a shared theme that united the Stations.

So, in addition to Genesis and Revelation, we also have Ezra and Malachi in Awakening. As the series progresses, expect to see more Stations appear. 

Thanks for listening! The next Did You Know will be about Re-mechs, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!