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Your existence is sin. Only death shall grant you redemption.


Another day, another storm. 

Another scene which explores the unique dynamic between Barsch, Kingston and Alza.

Barsch, ever helpful and good to those around him, tries to do the right thing, even in the most desperate situations. With a Hypercane bearing down on the group, he acts with everyone’s best interests at heart.

Alza, by comparison, is looking out for herself. However, once more we see a somewhat compassionate side to her that indicates that her icy shell might have a few cracks in it.

Lastly, we witness Barsch wield his new blade for the first time. Naturally, this is not a pleasant experience, as the voice in his head does not sound overly friendly or concerned with petty things like compassion or morals.

The scene ends with Barsch contemplating this new, screaming shard of his consciousness, as he ponders how strange his life has become. 

Only time will tell if his life will become even stranger…

I wrote this scene to emphasize the relationship between our three main characters. Barsch, with his self-sacrificing nature; Kingston with his guilt and fears of being a burden; and Alza, who remains a mystery in terms of motive and reactions to the unexpected.

Additionally, I wanted to show how Barsch and Lanista interact with one another, and how their bond of dependence and corruption begins. 

Thanks for listening! The next scene, “The Dead City”, provides a breather from the relentless pace of this scene. As our trio recover from the storm, they grow nearer to The Fourth. Look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride…even when a storm bars your path!