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He’s not ready yet

-The Man with Emerald Eyes

A stranger with green eyes, watching the world below from his lofty perch. Who is this man? If every human (aside from Barsch, Kingston and Alza) is supposed to be cryogenically frozen, where does he come from?

Questions abound regarding the man with emerald eyes. Is he a friend or foe? What is the true meaning behind his cryptic words? Who is he talking to?

And what is Barsch not ready for?

These questions will be answered in time, but will you be ready for the answers? Read Awakening to find out who the man with emerald eyes is, and what he has in store for our would-be heroes…

Thanks for listening, our next quote will come from another unfamiliar face, but look forward to it all the same!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride…even if you do not feel ready for what comes!