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Also known as “Follow your dreams, not market trends”.

When I first started writing “Awakening”, all those years ago, I had a vague idea of what the market trends were like. At the time, series such as Twilight and Game of Thrones were becoming increasingly popular. 

Basically, romantic fantasy and medieval fantasy were big, and the number of “me-too” series released during that period were astronomical. And while I have nothing bad to say about those market savvy writers who always see what is popular before releasing a book, I don’t operate that way.

If your book doesn’t belong to any existing genre, then it will simply be the first of a new genre. If your book doesn’t conform to what is currently popular, then let it be the first in a new wave of popularity. If you only ever follow the path, you will never discover anything new.

So, what I’m saying is that you should write what you want to write, not what is the most popular genre at the moment. 

If your book is about a middle-aged woman who travels through space and time looking for a job, then write it! Don’t succumb and write another book about zombies, vampire love triangles or medieval politics.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Will you produce yet another copy of what has been written already, or will your book be the very first of its kind?

Choose wisely.

As always, thank you for listening! The next writing tip is “You can’t plan for inspiration”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride…even if you have to make your own path!