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Shadows cannot exist without light.

Continuing with “The Last Men”, today we have part two, “The Last Lightguard”. As previously mentioned, if these books were ever written they would feature a common world, terminology and mythology, but each book would have its own characters, themes and place in the timeline.

As always, if these words drive you into a writing frenzy, or if you greatly desire to finish what I started,  a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “The Last Lightguard”:

The Last Lightguard tells the story of a young woman who grows up in an ancient order dedicated to the preservation of the light (which maintains all positive emotions in the world). However, the order has grown weak, and the light begins to weaken, causing people to give into their dark desires. 

The woman (Avadoraga Brightborn; Ava for short) discovers that the darkness is planning an attack on the order, though she tries to prevent it, the attack succeeds and the light is severely weakened. 

Using the last of their power, the remaining members are able to keep the light alive. They ask Ava to head to the Wellspring of Light, where their exists a way to restore the Light to normal. However, the wellspring is located in the territory of the dark order (while the Wellspring of Darkness is located in their territory, to maintain balance.

On route to the wellspring, she meets a young arrogant man called Varren, who is also seeking the wellspring, though he does not say why. They travel together and face many hardships, soon growing close. 

However, Ava eventually discovers that Varren is a member of the dark order and that he has been sent ob an initiation test to the wellspring. Thinking that he intends to destroy it, Ava knocks him out and proceeds on alone, heartbroken. At the wellspring, she meets the leader of her order and mistakenly thinks that he is there to help. 

Varren appears and explains that the attack on the light was an inside job and that his order was framed, stating that neither side wanted complete domination as they were meant to exist in harmony. The traitorous leader sought to destroy the wellspring which would allow the balance to be broken and allow chaos to rule (he saw it as the only way to end the millennia long conflict between light and darkness) combining their powers, Varren and Ava are able to defeat the leader and restore balance to the world. 

Through their love and actions, they are able to show both orders that they are very similar and that they both need the other. An era of peace and harmony begins and Varren and Ava live happily ever after, eventually giving birth to Aegir’s ancestor.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea, “The Last Godkiller” will conclude “The Last Men” series, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!