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Goodbye IX, hello X!

Another day, another chapter.

Before I move on, however, I thought that I should share a few choice sentences from Chapter IX (spoiler free, of course):

  • The world is on fire.
  • I’m sorry, I don’t remember killing you.
  • For the sake of the world, for the sake of all things living on its broken surface, you should die.
  • How long until I am normal again?
  • There was no need to ask who the monster was.
  • Am I insane? Maybe…
  • Wordfather, I seek your truth.
  • In this place, death reigns unopposed.
  • What price will you pay?
  • You may call me… Mother.

Chilling stuff… Only time will tell what these sentences mean, for now, I hope that you continue to look forward to Sunrise Sapling!

And remember, The Seed Must Be Saved!