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Today’s story is the first of three belonging to the loosely defined “The Last Men” series. The series of three books take place in the same world, but concern different characters who are only distally related. The books also take place in reverse chronological order, so that events and structures in book 1 have their origins in book 2 or 3 and so on.

As always, if this story ignites a passion for writing inside you, or if you decide to use my idea as a springboard for your own incredible adventure, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “The Last Bloodknight”:

The Last Bloodknight tells the story of Aegir, a downtrodden and homeless boy who is missing his right arm and is blind in his left eye, though he cannot remember anything prior to his arrival in the great city of Elcrinon. 

He lives in the slums with his three friends (2 males: Idir and Ashiel, and 1 female: Lineth) who he regards as family. However, one day, a rebellion occurs within the city and it is revealed that Ashiel is actually the illegitimate son of the current king, Typhon. 

Ashiel is seemingly killed in order to completely wipe out the royal bloodline. Escaping the city, Aegir; Idir and Lineth set out to avenge their friend’s death by hunting down the rebels (who fled after the capture of their leader, Vold). 

Along the way, Aegir learns that his father was a Bloodknight, sworn to protect the royal family at any cost, who was betrayed and killed by the king’s right hand man (who became the leader of the rebels). Aegir escaped from the slaughter of his family but was heavily injured and traumatized. Wandering into the city he was found by Ashiel. 

After receiving the sacred Bloodblade from his abandoned home, the group finally reaches the rebels. 

However, there they discover that Ashiel is still alive, having been kidnapped so that he could be placed on the throne as a puppet for the rebels. He also reveals that he agreed to go along with the plan, as he saw it as revenge for his unfair life. 

After failing to convince his friends, he fights and subdues them. However, before they are killed, he secretly helps them escape. The rebels, having regrouped and grown stronger, attack the city once more. 

The group catch up to them as Vold and Ashiel are about to kill King Typhon. Aegir is able to convince Ashiel to change his mind and together, they defeat Vold, whilst Idir and Lineth rally the king’s men and defeat the rebels. Typhon apologizes for abandoning Ashiel (due to social conventions) and states that he never stopped loving Ashiel’s mother. 

Aegir and Ashiel reconcile and Ashiel is officially recognized as a prince and invites all of his friends to live with him in the palace. They decline, feeling that Ashiel should live out his new life properly, but Aegir reminds him that they will always be friends, and that as the last Bloodknight, he will always protect him.

Thanks for listening! The next story in the series is “The Last Lightguard”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!