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Did You Know that Awakening is the First Path for a reason?

Allow me to elaborate. You may have noticed the subtitle “Path One” on Awakening’s cover?  This is not a typo of “Part One” as a friend once pointed out.

Instead, it is an identifier. 

Path One identifies Awakening as a book in the main Chronicles of New Eden Series.

Other identifiers include Ascendant Path books, which are prequels, Descendant Path books, which are sequels (to the series), Divergent Path books, which are companion novels, and lastly Untaken Path books, which deal with alternate universes.

Thus, Path One denotes Awakening as the first book of the main series, and is most definitely not a typo!

Thanks for listening! The next Did You Know will concern the Cryogenic Stations’ names, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!