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No! Don’t leave me! Please, I have a family! I’ll die! Please, don’t run away! Please…

-The Unknown Woman

Is a stranger’s life any less important than a friends? 

The Unknown Woman, as her moniker suggests, is a stranger to Barsch. She lived in the village where he and his father stayed while on their journey, and by happenstance he was present at the moment of her passing.

Due to a containment leak from a nearby polluted dam, a wall of toxic water had flooded the village. The poisonous fumes and lethal toxins had descended on the survivors, burning their exposed flesh. The Unknown Woman had been trampled by the mad rush to escape, and was helpless to prevent the toxins from reaching her. 

Her last moments had been filled with terror and desperation, as she  espied the only man who had stayed. Barsch, lost and bewildered, could only look on as she crawled towards him, begging for aid.

However, instead of helping her, he had turned and fled, thus forever etching her into his heart as a ghost of his guilt. 

Three ghosts. Three guilty memories. Three regrets that continue to haunt our pitiable protagonist. Only time will tell if he is able to make peace with his demons, or if they will devour his sanity (read Awakening to find out!)

Our next quote comes from a character who I cannot name just yet, but he is a pivotal character nonetheless. Look forward to his cryptic words!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride, even if someone else does!