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Another day, another story idea.

This time our story has a more fantastical bent, but is still set in the modern day. I personally like to diversify the types of stories I create, and “Old Blood” is a good example of this approach.

As always, if this idea inspires you to write your own story (which I would love to read) or if you decide to take my idea further (which I would still love to read), a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “Old Blood”:

Old Blood tells the story of an elderly vampire, Jökal, who is seeking out an apprentice so that he may pass on his experience and memories (via a blood transfusion). He lives in a retirement home and is taken care of by a suicidally depressive orderly, Thomas. Sensing the man’s potential, Jökal begins cultivating the Thomas as his successor whilst teaching him about life using his past experiences. They soon grow close and Jökal helps Thomas through his depression, while Thomas helps Jökal with his loneliness and regrets.

Unbeknown to Jökal, an old rival, Victarios, of his arrives in town and is hoping to steal the old man’s memories (as he had been the strongest and most renowned vampire of their generation) in order to inherit his skill. 

After realizing this, Jökal decides to keep Thomas safe by pretending to hate him and drive him away, whilst slipping a phial of his blood into his pocket. 

He then goes off to face Victarios, who proceeds to beat him mercilessly (Jökal does not have the will to kill him). After biting the old man, Victarios discovers that he has not inherited any power or skills. 

Thomas then arrives and states that he has already inherited everything (by drinking the blood) and he defeats Victarios with his newfound powers. 

Taking the dying Jökal to the hill where they had first met (two decades before, Thomas witnessed the old man bite a woman who had just been shot, saving her life, which caused Thomas’ obsession with death and fate) they say their goodbyes. 

Jökal dies as the sun rises, finally able to enjoy it’s beauty (it would have caused him immense pain before) and asks Thomas to succeed his will. He agrees, hoping to become a new kind of vampire, one who saves others with his gifts.

Thanks for listening! The next story ideas is part one of the three part “The Last Men”:”The Last Bloodknight”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!