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Unleash your inner Beast.

Our next scene is just as pivotal as “She is Dangerous”. In “The Black Blade”, we are introduced to Lanista, the Instigator of Violence who will go on to shape Barsch’s journey and expose a side of him that he did not know existed.

Up until this point, Barsch has been painted as a well meaning, good natured person who abhors violence and conflict. Lanista, however, changes this. 

Is violence an inherent human characteristic just waiting for an outlet? Or is it a choice that one makes when deciding how to resolve a problem? Lanista does not care about such philosophies, and merely desires to be used in the most brutal method imaginable.

The sword’s design reflects this desire: a pitch black blade with a multitude of chainsaw teeth that rip into anything it touches, all while its engine screams for more.

Ultimately, Lanista is a tool, one that is used for far more than it was ever designed for. It is a reflection of the one who wields it, and in this case, it is reflecting something very dark and twisted which lurks deep inside Barsch’s heart.

Whether he can overcome this Beast, or if it will consume his sanity and turn him into a violent madman remains to be seen (read Awakening to find out!).

Thanks for listening! The next Behind the Scenes is “The Chase”, in which our duo set out in search of their missing companion, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!