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Did You Know that the title for book 2 was originally Eden v2.0?

(An alternative title was New Dawn)

The title (Eden v2.0) reflected the Sci-fi genre (as evidenced by the version number) and that the world had undergone a tremendous change since the end of book 1 (which indeed ends with a world altering event).

New Dawn is closer in terms of the plot of book 2, but still lacks clarity .

Thus, I arrived at the current title: Sunrise Sapling. 

It works for me on three levels. Firstly, “Sunrise” references a pivotal event in book 2 that will cause more than its fair share of tears; secondly, “Sapling” references a key plot element that appears throughout the book, and lastly, the title is unique and brings about a sense of curiosity and mystery in potential readers.

Thanks for listening, and I hope that you are looking forward to Sunrise Sapling, it will change your world!

And remember, The Seed must be Saved!