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Today’s story is a romantic-comedy/action blend set in the near future (that’s quite the mishmash).

As always, if this story inspires you to write (and I truly hope it does) or if you decide to take this story further (no payment necessary), a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “Travelling at the Speed of Love”:

Traveling at the Speed of Love tells the story of the USS Aphrodite, a spaceship singles cruise that goes horribly wrong. 

Halfway through the cruise, the ship’s maneuvering systems fail and it starts to gain speed. The captain soon discovers that the navigation system has locked the ship into a collision course with a populated moon (Europa). 

The main character, Tessa, is on the cruise trying to forget about her recent break-up which was the last in a long line of failed relationships. 

She encounters an old school friend, Vincent, that she once turned downed and embarrassed in front of the entire school (he was a nerd and she considered herself out of his reach). 

While they are catching up, it is revealed that he sabotaged the ship (he reasoned that if he couldn’t be happy, no one should get the chance to fall in love) and he flees the scene.

While chasing Vincent down, Tessa is aided by an off-duty detective, Francois, who flirts with her because she is set to inherent an enormous sum of money from her father (this is the reason so many men went after her -she always thought that she was just that popular- however in the end they were always chased away by her overprotective parents). 

After catching Vincent and locking him up, it is revealed that Francois was actually planning to blow up the ship after he stole all of the money from the ship’s vault (he was dissatisfied after years of arduous work for the police yielded no respect or reputation). 

Vincent had actually unknowingly saved the ship as his sabotage destroyed the bomb (he had been fleeing Tessa so that he could undo his sabotage when he was caught, meeting her had made his realize that he had been wrong about love). 

Francois, realizing that Vincent had stopped the bomb, had been tracking him because he believed that Vincent had discovered Francois was the original saboteur. 

Francois, changing his plans, lures Tessa to a lifeboat by proclaiming his love for her (he plans to kidnap and ransom her to her family). Realizing that Francois was the saboteur, Vincent escapes from custody and races to save Tessa, eventually performing a space walk with a defective space suit to reach her and defeat Francois. 

The duo return to the Aphrodite with moments to spare, and Vincent is able to undo his sabotage and restore the ship’s maneuvering systems in time for the ship to recover its course.

In the epilogue, both Francois and Vincent are jailed, however Vincent receives a much lighter sentence due to heroic actions. The book ends with Tessa deciding to wait for his release, reasoning that true love is worth waiting for.

Thanks for listening! Look forward to the next story idea “Old Blood”, it’s about vampires!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!