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SPOILER WARNING (The following post may spoil a significant event in the book, read at your own discretion)

Alas, poor Erebus, we hardly knew ye…

“Is Alza normal?”, is the unspoken question throughout Part One of Awakening.

In this scene, we receive our answer, “She is Dangerous”. 

As Erebus swiftly enters and exits the picture, we see a side of Alza that puts fear and despair into the hearts of her two companions.

Aside from displaying her abilities, she also displays her cold, remorseless fighting style. This is not someone who you want on the opposing side.

By the scene’s end, everything has changed. Barsch has gone from protector to protected, Kingston’s health has failed him, and Alza has forever implanted the idea in their minds that she is dangerous. 

Only time will tell if their fragile bonds will recover or shatter from these revelations.

With this scene, I wanted to show just how powerful Alza is, and how she is more than a match for one of the strongest beings in the world of Awakening: Re-mechs.

Additionally, I like how the scene subverts the usual trope of knight in shining armour saves damsel in distress. Instead we have Barsch and Kingston act rather uselessly, and only through Alza’s timely intervention are they saved.

Lastly, this scene introduces us to Re-mechs, and shows that although they were built to be slaves, they are not meek servants to be bossed around. In time, we will see more of them, and their interactions with humanity will become a key issue going forward.

Thanks for listening! The next Behind the Scenes, “The Black Blade”, will see our hero embark on a journey that will tear apart his sanity and drown him in violence and despair, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride, even if your world falls apart…