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I was only a kid when I died… so I never really had a chance to see what the world was like.


The Smallest Coffins Weigh the Heaviest.

Rigel, our next speaker, had an unhappy childhood. Born to two people who were not ready to be parents, and whose financial situation could not support a child, he was a walking symbol of regret.

As his parents struggled to find food and shelter, Rigel was left to a bevy of caretakers. He was constantly surrounded by strangers who cared little for his wellbeing.

Until Barsch entered the picture. 

Barsch, who was passing through Rigel’s town with his father, was naturally drawn to the younger boy. Over the next few days they became friends, with Barsch becoming the older brother Rigel had always yearned for.

But Rigel would not be haunting Barsch if their parting had been joyous.

A few stray bullets fired from a raider’s gun ended poor Rigel, whose parents were not around to hear his final words. Barsch, alone and terrified, was the only one to hold the boy as he drifted off into his eternal rest.

Only time will tell if Rigel and Barsch will find their long sought peace…

Thanks for listening! Our next quote comes from Barsch’s third ghost, The Unknown Woman. Look forward to it!

A boy, drowning in guilt and self-doubt… Will he keep walking towards his redemption, or will he lose his stride and fall into despair. 

Read Awakening to find out.

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride… Even if it is taken from you…