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Man vs Nature. A theme that runs throughout Awakening. In “The Storm”, it takes on a more literal meaning, as Barsch, Kingston and Alza brave the thundering storm in search of a safe haven.

This is not a battle that can be won by strength or skill, as the fall of the lightning is decided by fate… or is it?

Once more, a hint at greater things beyond the horizon of observation. 

A man, and a Storm made flesh.

While our trio dodge lightning and attempt to prevail against the odds, we see a different side of Barsch. Using his father’s mantra, he is able to summon the courage and strength to face the storm. In doing so, he saves a life, and proves to the reader that there is a steel core beneath his soft exterior. 

Alza, initially cold and apparently self-serving, does not abandon the duo, showing that there is also more to her than meets the eye.

And although a safe haven is found, their journey is far from over. One obstacle overcome, a short repose earned, but the storm clouds have not left the horizon…

Thanks for listening! The next Behind the Scenes, “Repose” deals with our heroes attempting to catch their breath after the ferocious storm passes. Look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!