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Our next scene takes place in a dream, which become increasingly more important as the story unfolds. Dreams in Awakening are no mere collections of light and sound, nor are they simple rearrangements of things that happened throughout the day.

Dreams in Awakening have power, and potentially hold the answers to every question imaginable.

In the Twofold Meeting, two important encounters take place. The first is between two new characters, whom I shall call Tidal and Rock for now. They speak of matters beyond that of a simple journey to find medicine, and help to ensnare the reader’s interest and pique their sense of mystery. In time, their identities will be revealed, and the true scope of Awakening will be unveiled.

The second meeting is between Barsch and Alza, and it is arguably just as important. It shows that Alza and Barsch already share an unspoken connection, and that there is more to either of them than meets the eye. It also informs the reader that dreams in Awakening are not static things. They can be changed by those who are in them, as well as outsiders. 

Only time will tell if these dreams are portents of hope, or premonitions of doom. 

Our next scene, “The Storm”, is one of action and deepening intrigue, look forward to it!

As always, thanks for listening, and remember, Never Lose Your Stride!