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Children of the Sun tells the story of a group of luminous children (who are all named after stars) who live deep below the surface in an old, abandoned mine shaft. A shunned and decrepit old man, Toliman, has looked after them and raised them. They were all born in an experiment to splice luminous bacterial DNA (Vibrio harveyi) to human DNA, the result was a success but authorities arrested the group for their illegal experimentation. 

They tried to cover up all traces by disposing of the infants, however one of the caretakers (Toliman) stole them away, raising them by himself. 

They survive by eating insects, lizards and rodents. Toliman teaches them how to talk and survive on their own, however as his health slowly slips away, the children decide to escape and seek out medical help. 

They make their way through an old service tunnel and emerge in the ruins of the research facility. They trek through the facility and find out more about their origin, while powers relating to light emerge in several of the children. They eventually arrive at a town and try and convince the residents to help them. A young doctor, Franklin, whose father worked in the bioluminescence project is convinced to help them. 

The remnants of the original project hear of the children and hunt them down, trying to erase them once and for all. After several close encounters, they make it back to the service shaft but it is destroyed in a rockslide caused by their pursuers.

They hear of an old cave system that could lead to the old man. The children are forced to use their abilities to overcome the obstacles in the cave and finally arrive back just as Toliman dies. With his dying breath, he tells them to be free and asks the doctor to look after them. Franklin goes on to adopt them and the authorities arrest the scientists. The children bury Toliman under the sun and they embrace their new lives, ready to start anew.

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