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So far I have shared two aspects of my writing process. The first was Raspberry Coke, a heavenly nectar that replenishes my spirit and cures my fatigue; the second, Music, gives me passion and energy with which to write.

The third is my Gadgets.

More specifically, my phone, computer and tablet.

I use my iPhone 5 for story planning (via the stock Notes app), posting (via the WordPress app) and accessing the Internet (via the Personal Hotspot feature, as I am still working on getting Wi-fi for my house).

I use my computer for writing (Word) and games (for relaxation) which currently consists of Far Cry Primal (great game by the way).

I use my iPad (which was recently fixed) for previewing the book (via iBooks) and helping with correct word usage (via the Dictionary.com app).

These three items have enabled me to write Awakening, my greatest accomplishment (so far).

The next Writing Fuel will focus on the people who have supported me over the last five years, look forward to it!

And if you have any items or gadgets that you use in your reading or writing, please let me know in the comments!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!