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After the last three stories focusing on Sci-fi elements, today’s story is a little more grounded in terms of setting and plot.

Additionally, I have come up with three new story ideas over the last week that I will be posting soon. They are “The Nowhere War”, “Love Magic” and “The Last King of Mars” and vary between action-drama, romantic-fantasy and Sci-fi epic.

Before that, I am proud to present “Duality”

Duality tells the story of twins (Norman and Nathaniel Gorish) who were seperated at birth. Nathaniel goes on to become a criminal after a harsh childhood with an abusive family while Norman becomes a detective after his childhood with a loving yet secretive family. 

They are forced to use their “bond” to try and outwit the other as a string of murders rocks their small city. 

While Norman initially believes that Nathaniel has finally crossed the line and started killing people, It is eventually revealed that their father, Harold, is the serial killer and that after their mother, Delma, sent her sons away to protect them from his influence, he killed her.

Norman and Nathaniel reconcile and team up to take down their father, with each using his specialized skill set and personality to catch their father. 

They finally track him down and, at seeing his sons grown up, Harold repents for what he has done to his family and the public.

Before Norman can arrest him, he kills himself and the two reconcile their differences before parting ways, stating that their paths will cross again

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “Children of the Sun”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!