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Our next scene takes place immediately after “Consequences”. It deals with Alza waking up and interacting with Barsch and Kingston for the first time.
With this scene I wanted to further develop all three characters by showing how they interacted with one another. This helps to show the natures of everyone involved, for example: 1) Alza’s mysterious and cold nature; 2) Barsch’s helpful and kind nature; and 3) Kingston’s suspicious and distrustful nature (to contrast the warmth and kindness he had shown Barsch).

Alza, a complete stranger at this point, immediately makes it clear that she is no meek princess to be pampered (see my Writing Tip, Damsels in Distress, for more insight into her characterization). 

However, before too much time is given to dwell on Alza’s unique behavior or unknown past, things take a turn for the worse with Kingston’s collapse.
It is this moment which sets in motion the events of Part One, “Leave-takings” as the main characters finally leave familiarity behind and head out into the unknown.

The next Behind the Scenes will detail this initial foray into the world, and analyze their first encounter with a hostile force.
Look forward to “The Erymanthian”, coming soon! 

Thanks for listening!

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