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Did You Know that Lanista’s original name was Titan?

I wanted a name that evoked an image of strength and power, one that spoke of an unrivaled rage and ferocity. Titan, from the Titans of Ancient Greek Mythology, was an obvious fit.

So why change the name, I hear you ask?

Because of Anaklusmos, Callandor and Brisingr. And hundreds more like them.

Barsch’s sword is unique, and it needed a unique name. Titan, which has been used thousands of times before, was no good.

I also wanted the name to reflect the sword’s violent design. My research returned the word Lanista, The Instigator of Violence. Alternatively, Lanista was a position held by those who trained the ancient gladiators of Rome. Just as Lanista trained the gladiators -men who wrought violence for survival- so too would Lanista train Barsch to use his violence effectively.

It is my hope that Lanista joins the ranks of famous fictional swords, and that one day another budding young author uses its name to explain their weapon’s unique name.

Thanks for listening! The next Did You Know will focus on the prologue, “Kingdom of None”, look forward to it!

And remember, let them HEAR YOUR ROAR!

Just kidding! Never Lose Your Stride!