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The following story is the third of three stories collectively titled “The Poseidon Trials”. It is the last story in the trilogy and brings a close to Rigel and Serissa’s incredible adventure.

As previously mentioned, if this idea inspires you to write (and I truly hope that it will) or if you decide to take my idea further (which you are totally allowed to do) a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is “Poseidon’s Fury”:

Poseidon’s Fury continues the story of Rigel and Serissa. Following on from book 2’s ending, Rigel and Serissa discover that the colony ship, The Resplendent, is filled with cryogenically frozen humans who soon awaken. Via robot drones, the crew explain that the main characters ancestors were sent (in the Recrudescence) in advance as builders and engineers to terraform the planet (Poseidon) and build grand cities for the elites, who would be cryogenically frozen until the construction was completed (the beacon to call the Resplendent was accidentally activated when the terraforming machine was repaired). 

The elites descend to the planet and try to claim the builders newly built city, Atlas, for their own and force the residents into exile. 

They are egged on by their egocentric leader, Rikos, who was a prince back on earth. 

However, Rigel and Serissa, with help from the reformed raiders from book 2 (including Arlon who has repented for his actions) and their friends, are able to drive the elites from the city. 

Rikos, in a vengeful fury, flies up to the Resplendent and attempts to destroy everyone below with the ship’s anti-asteroid cannons. Rigel and Serissa follow him in a stolen elite ship and manage to stop him, blowing up the colony ship in the process (Rigel and Serissa are presumed dead and are celebrated as heroes).

The rest of the elites, realizing that their superiority is null and groundless, agree to work with the builders to colonize the planet and live together.

Rigel and Serissa, having escaped in the last minute in an escape pod, crash land on the planet below (near the oasis from book 1) and the story ends with them witnessing a new dawn on Poseidon, hopeful for the planet’s future.

Thanks for listening! The next story idea is “Duality”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!