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Our next scene has a slower pace than its predecessor. After Barsch’s frantic journey to and from Genesis, I wanted to have a moment of quiet reflection for him. 

After he realizes just how close he came to death, he reflects on how his path home has become more tortuous and lengthy than he had initially anticipated. 

Thankfully, Kingston places no blame or judgement on his young guest, and instead is there to lend an ear and a comforting word or two. From this, the relationship between Barsch and Kingston is further cemented as one of kindness and trust.

However, before the true cost of Barsch’s journey comes to light, they are interrupted by a strange sound.

Their guest has finally awoken. And she will forever change their world.

The next Behind the Scenes, “Alza’s Awakening” will showcase the third member of our strange quartet, and her unique mannerisms wil be displayed for all to see.

Thank you for listening! Look forward to the next post!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!