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After the slow pace of “As the rain falls”, the action and intrigue return with “Return to Genesis”.

The scene lasts from when Barsch leaves Kingston’s hut until he returns.

I wanted to showcase a bit of Barsch’s survival ability and chronicle his attempt at reclaiming his normal life (I.e cryogenesis). His building hope and anxiety over his return are brought to a climax when he finally reaches Genesis’ entrance.

Unfortunately, his story does not end there, and the path to his past is closed off. All that remains is for him to turn around and take the road which leads to his future.

However, this path is full of obstacles, as Barsch’s body begins to fail. His desperate flight and its shocking ending signify the end of his normal life. When he awakens, his new life and journey will begin.

I will examine this new beginning in the next Behind the Scenes, “Consequences”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!