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The following story idea is the first of three belonging to “The Poseidon Trials” which are set on the same planet and focus on the same protagonists.

Similar to “Sunflare”, this story is part of the Sci-fi genre. 

As always, if this idea inspires you to write your own or if you decide to take my idea further, a small acknowledgement would be great!

And so, without further ado, here is part one of “The Poseidon Trials: Poseidon’s Folly”:

Poseidon’s Folly is set on the planet Poseidon, upon which all water is locked deep underground in natural lakes, and the surface is barren and composed of deserts and salt fields. 

A small population of humans survive by making daily dangerous treks to natural wells. They are the remnants of a exploratory colonization attempt after their original planet suffered from a massive cataclysm. 

Their ship, The Recrudescence, was destroyed in a crash landing and the majority died on impact.

A small hopeful boy, Rigel, and his pessimistic older sister, Serissa, hear of a natural oasis that is fed by a massive underground lake. 

They reason that if they can widen the flow, they can return water to the surface. They are pursued by the insane descendant, Arlon, of the ship’s mutinous first mate, Arlow, who first caused the ship to crash (Arlow believed that the planet was purgatory and that it was their destiny to suffer and die there), Arlon unfortunately shares in this belief.

Rigel and Serissa face off against ferocious animals, inhospitable environments as well as Arlon and his lackeys. 

They eventually find the oasis and use the remnants of the Recrudescence’s engine core to blow a large crater in the oasis. The outflow increases and they are soon surrounded by a shallow sea. They are saved by clinging onto a palm tree whilst Arlon is swept away. 

They are rescued by the people who stayed behind and start building a home by the new sea.

Thanks for listening! Part two, “Poseidon’s Fortune” is coming soon, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!