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It’s time for the third story idea! 3 down, hundreds to go!

I generally try to explore a range of genres with my story ideas, hence Sunflare was pure Sci-fi while The  Final Overture was Drama. The Phoenix’s Tears by comparison is Romance with some magic elements, hope you enjoy it!

As previously mentioned, if this idea inspires you to write (and I truly hope that it will) or if you decide to take my idea further (which you are totally allowed to do) a small acknowledgement would be great.

And so, without further ado, here is “The Phoenix’s Tears”

The Phoenix’s Tears tells the story of a woman (she always calls herself Monica) who is reborn in a different body every 25 years. This is due to the Curse of Flame which she received from her father who tried to save her when she almost died (she was 5, and had a terminal disease). 

He died soon afterwards (a requirement of the curse) without telling her how to remove the curse. 
Monica grows up normally and falls in love with Francis Boreman (22), a struggling architect. However, on her 25th birthday the curse activates and she dies, leaving Francis devastated. 
Monica, however, is reincarnated as a child and grows up again with her memories intact. The book follows her lives as she interacts with Francis throughout his life, as she tries to recapture their lost love.
After reincarnating, she goes on to become his secretary, as he has become a successful architect (age 47) and remarried. While working for him, they start an affair, however before she can muster the courage to tell him the truth, she turns 25 and dies once more.
She is reincarnated once more and goes on to become his divorce lawyer, helping him through his divorce (age 72). However, before they can get together, she turns 25 and dies once more.
She is reincarnated once more and goes on to become his nurse in his retirement home, while treating him (age 97) they reconnect and he tells her that he never stopped loving her, revealing that he knows who she is. They kiss and marry as he slowly drifts off. Suddenly she ages to her proper age (age 100) and a voice tells her that they will be reborn together, she then drifts off into death’s embrace (she had broken the curse through her perseverance and desire to be with her soulmate no matter what). 
An epilouge shows them in primary school drawing pictures, she is drawing a Phoenix and he asks her what it is, they start talking as the book ends (they have both reincarnated and will be given an entire lifetime together).
Thanks for listening! The next story idea will be a three-parter, The Poseidon Trials, with the first story idea, “Poseidon’s Folly” coming soon! Look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!