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Came up with a new story idea while at work today (specifically while treating a patient), and I wanted to share it with you.

As previously mentioned, if this story idea inspires you to write something or if you take this idea further, a small acknowledgement would be great.

Without further ado, here is “Trapped in a Dream”

Trapped in a Dream tells the story of Erwin Düsseldorf, a man who has spent 10 years trapped in his body due to complete paralysis. However, after being treated with a radical new drug treatment, he regains full mobility. 

He immediately sets out on a journey to find a nurse who once cared for him so lovingly and compassionately that he fell in love with her. He remembers that she was tall, had a missing middle finger, had green eyes and long blonde hair. 

He is accompanied by a private nurse, Hilda, from the pharmaceutical company that made the drug, who is there to monitor him and report any signs of relapse. Together they travel across Germany, searching the hospitals and care centers he had been in (while doing so he reflects on his ten years and what he did to cope). 

To his dismay, he only finds women with one of the traits he is looking for (green eyes but dark hair, blonde but short etc). As he starts to give up hope and his symptoms return, he attempts to kill himself in order to prevent another bout of paralysis. 

However, Hilda, looking at pictures of the women they had encountered, realizes the truth. Rushing, she manages to find him and save his life. As he recovers, she tells him that the nurse in his memories never existed. She was an amalgamation of all the people that had cared for him. 

With his symptoms once more fading, he decides to move forward with Hilda, instead of trying to hold onto the past.

Thanks for listening!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!