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It’s a bit late, but here is my second story idea. As previously mentioned these story ideas are little more than a very very rough draft, and may lack character descriptions and structure.

Additionally, if the following story inspires you or if you write a story based on the idea, a small acknowledgment would be great.

So, without further ado, here is “Final Overture”:

Final Overture tells the story of a grieving widowed violinist, Bertrand Clark, whose wife, Melissa, was a composer. 

After her death, he finds out from a secret will (she died from an longterm terminal illness) that she had written a song for him and sent parts of it to different people. He begins his quest accompanied by his young son, Cole, who is struggling to accept Melissa’s death, and her estranged sister, Ella-Marie, who felt that Melissa had made a mistake in marrying him. 

They travel across the country in order collect all the pieces and play a farewell overture (the overture was Melissa’s favourite part as it set the tone of the performance) at their favourite location, a small cottage overlooking the sea (near Kilbaha, Ireland). 

Along the way, he reminices about how he met his wife and his early life. The people who hold the parts of the song are all people who suffered similiar situations (family tragedy) and teach him who to cope with his grief through various methods (Melissa had met them through an online grief counseling group). Once he demonstrates that he has learnt the lesson, he receives the song part and a clue to the next song piece. 

He eventually collects all the song pieces, makes up with his wife’s sister, connects with his son and plays the piece, symbolizing that he’s ready to move on (the Overture he plays is the opening to the rest of his life). 

Thanks for listening!

The next story idea is “The Phoenix’s Tears”, look forward to it!

And remember, Never Lose Your Stride!