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SPOILER WARNING (The following post may contain light spoilers, read on if you dare)

As promised, I have added Behind the Scenes to my regular posts. Behind the Scenes examines some of the scenes in Awakening, the background history and reason behind the scene itself.

The first scene, “Barsch’s Awakening”, is understandably one of the first scenes in Awakening. The scene details Barsch La Tergan’s unfreezing from his cryogenic sleep. It highlights his body’s struggle to wake up, his confusion and his burgeoning fear that something is not right. The scene touches on his hope that the world he awakens to will be purified and whole, but the grim reality soon crushes his spirit and threatens to unhinge his mind.

I wanted to convey the feeling of awakening after a deep sleep, the state of mind that gradually becomes clearer as one realizes that a new day has begun, and the vague realization that something, somewhere is wrong.

In this scene, Barsch’s life resumes. In the next Behind the Scenes “The Glade”, I will examine when his journey truly begins, as well as the meeting that occurs that will forever change his world.

Thanks for listening.

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