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Just wanted to share a few words from Book 2, The Chronicles of New Eden, Path Two, Sunrise Sapling. Note that these are random sentences taken out of order and context and are meant to convey a snapshot of book 2. Also note that these are all from the first draft of the book, and any or all of them may change with future editing.

Without further ado, here are ten sentences from book 2!

  1. Barsch La Tergan is Dead.
  2. The Seed must be saved.
  3. A world unloved by fate.
  4. This world is dead, and we killed it.
  5. Did you see his eyes?
  6. We could kill them all.
  7. Remember who you are.
  8. Light and darkness, walking side by side.
  9. Was he a madman… or a murderer?
  10. When it opened its mouth, they saw the glow and knew that the boy burned both inside and out.


Thanks for listening, look forward to more updates on book 2!

Never Lose Your Stride.