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Things are progressing at a good pace on the writing front, barring a few unforeseen set-backs.

Firstly, I discovered that South Africa and Amazon Direct aren’t such good buddies. Sparing you all of the boring details, this means that any and all future royalties will be delivered via cheque. As anyone who knows the South African postal service can tell you, this is less than desirable.

Secondly, I discovered that iBooks (Apple’s ebook retailer) does not sell in South Africa. This means that people on the other side of the world will be able to buy my book, but not my next-door neighbor.

Thirdly, I discovered that in order to sell my book in the USA, I would need to apply for USA tax certificate. Who knows when that will be ready…

On a positive note, almost all of my formatting is done and the book will be submitted for ebook conversion very soon.

More news coming soon.