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As promised, here is my first writing tip. Please keep in mind that this is something I found helpful, and that it might not apply to your work. 

When I first started writing Awakening, I had a tendency to write in a minimalistic style. This was mostly due to my relative inexperience with writing and managing my story’s flow.

For example: Barsch walked into the room.

I realized that this was causing my book to feel very rushed, and had burned through three chapters worth of story in less than 20 pages.

Unfortuately, my solution was no better. I began to write with an extremely descriptive style, not trusting the imaginations of my readers.

For example: Barsch walked into the room, it was fifty feet wide and fifteen feet high, with blue walls and a marble floor.

As you can see this is a trial to digest, and ended up over inflating the word count by thousands of words.

Looking forward, I plan to use a writing style halfway between minimalistic and over descriptive. Brief, but vivid, if you will.

Example: Barsch walked into the ballroom, marveling at its faded splendor. 

Much better for your readers and your word count. 

Hope this helps!

The next writing tip is “Organic Themes”, look forward to it.