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As promised, I have added the first of many story ideas.

Also, as mentioned in my earlier post, this idea is little more than a rough draft. It lacks character descriptions and themes, and is one of the most basic forms a story can take.

Additionally, if the following story inspires you or if you write a story based on the idea, a small acknowledgement would be great. 

So, without further ado, here is “Sunflare”:

Sunflare tells the story of Dorian Monroe, a young man dying from a brain tumour. With only one month left to live, he applies to the Seleccia project, which seeks to divert the course of a massive solar flare (using a large solar shield attached to a ship) and save the planet, while siphoning enough energy from the flare to bring back to the energy-starved Earth. 

He is joined by several other youths, each with their own reason for applying to the project (almost all of them have a death wish, a necessary quality for a mission with a 95% failure rating). The youths are supervised by a veteran crew who will pilot the UNE Seleccia, a massive solar ship which will be used to deflect the immense energy of the flare (the youths will be used for the hard labor of the expedition).

However, shortly after leaving Earth, the veteran crew are murdered. With the untrained youths scrambling to complete the mission, Dorian works to uncover the killer’s motives. With the solar flare nearing eruption, Dorian discovers that Arnold Verra, one of the veteran crew presumed dead, is the killer. His intention was to sabotage the mission, so that his backers (a rival company with their own solar ship) would be able to catch up to the Seleccia and complete the mission in its stead, thus earning them the fame and energy which they could sell to Earth at a price of their choosing.

Dorian rushes to stop Arnold, eventually confronting him on the outer deck of the Seleccia as he enacts his sabotage. After trading blows, Dorian emerges victorious. However, while activating the mechanism to divert the flare, he is exposed to a massive amount of radiation. When his body is recovered, they are shocked to find him alive. Additionally, it is revealed that the radiation has helped to shrink the tumor to non-lethal levels, saving his life.
In the end, the crew of the Seleccia return to Earth as heroes, with the flare diverted, energy aplenty and a new lease on life. 
And that is it, hope you enjoyed it.

The next Story Idea is “Final Overture”, look forward to it!